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Welcome to Setting the Standard - By Chef Vee

Hi! Most of you would have already read the About Page to know who I am, so I am not going to take space in this blog to write about where I trained or why I am a chef. I am here to write on what takes up the majority of my thoughts whilst living and working in Nigeria; and that is the current Culinary and Hospitality Climate. Is the current industry satisfying its customers? Are businesses customer-focused? Will Nigeria make it to be a global food destination at the rate we are going? This is Setting the Standard (STS).

Where is the current Culinary Industry now?

We are in a very exciting part of the industry where many Nigerians are enjoying their disposable income through going out with friends and loved ones and every week it feels like a new trendy restaurant is opening! Nigerians love new things and every new restaurant naturally gets flooded with curious customers. However ... it seems like many new restaurants cannot keep the demand after 2-3 months.Customers get bored, move onto the next new thing and will still end up going to those few restaurants that stand the test of time.

So why do restaurants keep opening in a rush? Why are we stuck in a cycle of "instagrammable" restaurants opening with very little passion and substance. This is just where the current trend has been. Many business-owners feel that this is all customers really care about. They believe food is the after thought and that the ambience is the focus. To some degree, Nigerians are very much eye-catching customers, but if this was the case, why are those long lasting restaurants who provide simplistic ambience still flooding with demand year after year? I truly believe many restauranteurs have under-estimated the Nigerian customer.

Why Follow me on Setting the Standard?

Most of you know me as a Chef, with a successful private dining business. However this is only a part of my holistic self. Before I went for professional training I was obsessed with food, dining out at restaurants and sharing my feedback. So why can't I do both? There are so many avenues and professions in the culinary industry and I refuse to be limited by what others may expect from chefs. A chef isn't confined to working in a restaurant or cooking for events. A chef can be a teacher, a critic, a content creator, a philanthropist, a nutritionist, a restauranteur; the list goes on. I aim to fuse my passions and I see no other way than by being a credible destination for food and lifestyle.I love to share my experiences. Who else is more qualified to provide fair and non-judgemental critic than a certified chef?

I have grown up seeing the culinary industry evolve. I have experience both internationally and at home. I have seen growth, success and failure in global industries. The same is to happen at home. The industry for too long has been running on full speed without accountability and without critical thinking. Where are the Culinary Organisations who set standards on quality, health & safety, labour welfare? Where are the professionals who provide constructive criticism to help businesses reflect and grow? I aim to ask and answer those burning questions that we all think of.

What does Setting the Standard aim to Achieve?

I have spoken about why I am qualified to create a platform such as this. Now what will this platform be covering.


STS will discuss the general patterns witnessed in Nigeria and how they affect the overall customer experience from the eyes of a customer and industry professional.


STS will highlight what strategies we believe make a business successful. I will illustrate the pillars we use well and the ones I believe should not be ignored.


The only way is up. And for business owners to do better, customers must demand better. STS will explore the different ways we can take our industry further to become the respected destination we so deserve.


What are chefs demanding? What are customers wanting more of? What are those topics we are so shy to bring up? STS will ask and answer all those questions boldly and insightfully.


STS will always give praise where praise is due. I will combine some of the restaurants and dishes that are worth trying into segments to give you a destination to receive credible, chef approved recommendations.

This is Only the Beginning

I am truly excited for where Nigeria is going. Customers are demanding better, and chefs are becoming more confident and courageous to do what they want! This is the kickstart we need to take the culinary industry forward.

So.. if you are as excited as I am to see this industry really come to its own, follow me to challenge the current climate and Set a Standard! Subscribe.

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