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The Full Story

Chef Vee is an entrepreneur and foodie turned professional chef. From a young age, she was fascinated with the ideas of combining flavours to create explosive and exciting dishes. Her first memories are being in the kitchen with her mother learning both local and international favourites. The most exciting part would be the taste test; seeing the flavours get more and more vibrant and complex.​Vee was raised with food being the language of celebration and experience. Whether it was to celebrate achievements, or entertain guests, her family would use food as the melting pot to express success and love to others.  food.  


She is driven by creating experiences for those she cooks for, whether known or unknown to her, and making them feel celebrated.Vee took the attitude of building flavours into her adult life. Before thinking of going into the culinary industry, Vee would constantly hold dinner parties in her home to show her friends and family what she could whip up. She fell in love with comfort food, the idea of creating love on a plate and watching those that eat her food express such warmth and gratitude from what they ate.​ Besides cooking, Chef Vee loves to travel and dine out in restaurants. She has always been fascinated by international culture, their local cuisine and how they showcase hospitality through their traditions. These influences shine through her food strongly, with the use of foreign spices and flavours in her own cooking. The levels set in food capitals has created a stir in Chef Vee to set a standard in her home country.  Chef Vee is passionate about showcasing not only good food in Lagos but educating all stakeholders on achieving an all round quality experience for customers.​


Vee was born in the United States and raised between Lagos and London. She moved to the UK from a young age and has always travelled to be with her widely spread-out family. This has become a cerebral part of her identity as food in her home was usually a variety of different cuisines. Vee would never spend a whole year in one place. This has given her a very adventurous spirit. She would always work with what she has around her to achieve the flavours and feelings she wants her food to give.​ 


Chef Vee trained at the prestigious Chef Academy London. She then completed further training at 2 Michelin star restaurant, Bibendum, in South Kensington London. This training has given her apt knowledge in fine dining execution and advanced culinary techniques.Chef Vee’s niche is contemporary European cuisine elevated using elements of West Africa and the African Diaspora. She cooks comfort food that is refined yet still evokes that nostalgic feeling of satisfaction from a meal.

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